Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Week?!?!

Holy moly, it has been a week since I posted. Yikes.

My computer has been acting up and I am down to one machine so this has been a bit of a challenge to get here and update the blog. Let's get down to business.

Okay, I loved going skating with Ashton's class. It was the first time I was in skates a couple of years and I fell three times but I got warmed up and it felt really good to be on the ice again.

Many cute things have happened over the week like Ashton and Abby putting on princess costumes and singing (rather accurately) songs from a Barbie movie. It made me laugh and smile quite a bit that day.

Valentines day was a success in my estimation. The kids were each given a heart shaped box full of chocolate and a little toy. I gave Amber some truffles and some organic cotton pajamas that looked really comfy. She liked it.

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