Sunday, June 8, 2008

According to My Child, I am the Best Daddy in the Whole World

Abby is still awake and she got up to announce that she had something very important to tell me: I am the best Daddy in the whole world. Then she asked me for chips. Amber and I both laughed and I told Abby that her techniques were impressive but would not work. She is still asking for chips. Just a few. She only wants a few chips.

It has been very stormy the last couple of days. The kids were pretty scared last night because it was heavy rains and many instances of lightning were very close. Many homes across the state were without power because of it.

Also, Dad's birthday is this weekend. Hopefully, we will be able to coordinate a time for everyone to be together at the same time. I know we will see him at least on Wednesday.

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