Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just a Little More Time

Today I received a call from Amber to meet her at the church for Matthew Reed's baptism. I really thought it would be a good idea to show up and I was happy to be there. It really is the least we could do being that the Reeds help us with the kids so much. After the baptism we went out to eat (all too rare anymore) at a Chinese buffet. Nothing spectacular but the food was tasty and I think we had a good time.

Allen had felt bad that the previous day he had to go shopping for a suit for the upcoming wedding while I took the girls to the store. He didn't know that I was picking up his birthday gift so he just felt left out. Tonight I made it up to him by taking him to K Mart to pick up a little trinket. We ended up getting a Nerf dart launcher (read also as a gun). I kind of knew what was in store for us once we got home right at the checkout when the cashier was already starting to lecture Allen and I about how dangerous those things can be and to never aim them at a person. Amber felt the same way but he is a nice kid. We spent a few minutes with it and he deemed it too hard to load and ready for shooting so we ended up playing with other toys.

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