Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lawn Snakes

I mowed the lawn today and saw a snake. I came inside and told Allen that a snake must live on our hill because I have seen him in the same spot the last two times I mowed the lawn. He asked if I could show it to him and I explained that the snake slithered off when he saw me coming with the mower. I told Allen where the snake was and he looked truly interested.

We are also cultivating some monarch butterfly worms in our house in some jars. Every few days we have to get some milkweed plant leaves and place them in the containers for the worms to eat. Last year we had two monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoons and fly away. The kids loved it.

Living where we do, the kids are constantly in contact with nature. It makes me really happy to see them excited and interested in the life that is all around us. I hope that when they are older that they retain the interest and pass it on to their children.

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