Monday, June 25, 2007

Older and More Grating

Fueled by an argument about bills, Amber and I had a disagreement. At the drive through of a mediocre Mexican food restaurant, I received terrible service and wanted to complain. Amber got mad at me for making a big deal about nothing.

Am I starting to get crotchety in my old age? Would the person given me a smaller beverage than ordered and the wrong food otherwise not made me mad? Was it just bad timing that I was already arguing with my dear wife? I just can't say.

What I can say is that Amber told me to blog about it in a sarcastic way. I am never one to shy away from a challenge. BLOGGED.

Also, I got the car into the shop. Tentative estimate is over $3000 and over a week of work. Ugh.


amberino said...

I have to laugh about this... what would you expect from a MEDIOCRE (sp?) eating establishment? Do you think that it would've made a difference had I ordered it for you rather than you yelling your order at the intercom past me? Maybe they thought you were a jerk and gave you the wrong food on purpose? There's a thought.
I think that had we not been having an uncomfortable discussion, you would not have cared because I have had many a conversation with you regarding the pickiness of MY family members in regards to drive thru ordering. Do you remember "...and make it fresh!!" ? Ha Ha

Grant Gibson said...

I do remember "make it fresh" but paying for a large drink and not getting that size plus getting the WRONG food is different. I made normal requests and they failed me as a customer. Also, the beef and bean burrito is the worst food item they sell. I said "beef and potato burrito", they FAILED.