Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

Today was a typical day off for me. The kids were also home because of the holiday. It is great fun to hang out with the kids. Days like this are filled with moments that make us laugh.

Abby and Ashton were with me in the living room and I started to tickle Ashton. Reflexively, Ashton dove away from the tickling hands but Abby wanted in on the action and dove head first at me. The top of her head hit my mouth pretty hard and I got a fat lip. Abby got up and looked at me and then wandered off. I felt silly that I was injured and a two-year-old went on with her business.

Allen is enjoying his DS. He and I linked up for some Pictochat which is always fun. We ended up playing catch (yes, in the house) for a bit after that.

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