Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

This morning I waited at the bus stop with Allen and Ashton. I know later on I will look back at this time fondly. Allen always sits on the front seat on the bus that faces our side of the street. He also always waves goodbye. Ashton barely can climb up to the first step on the bus she is still so small.

Abby was very mad that she tore off the tag on her favorite blanket. I couldn't help myself from smiling as she tried to reattach the tag as if just putting it back on the spot it came from would solve the problem.

I got home from what felt like a long day at work and tried to park in the garage. Note that the snow is melting a bit and the ground is very wet and soft. The ground around the garage is dirt. I backed into the spot as I have many times before but this time I got stuck just outside the garage. Amber came home and I tried to push the car out as she applied gas and turned the steering wheel as the front end of the car sank deeper and deeper in mud.

After spraying mud all over the place we finally got the car free. Of course, it took about 15 minutes and pulling out a shovel. Yay.

Part of my promotion at work included a book and online evaluation to determine my top five theme strengths. They are: 1) Strategic, 2) Analytical, 3) Intellection, 4) Competition, and 5) Activator. Sounds impressive, eh?

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