Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun Time!

Today I took the girls to the store expressly for buying toys. Obviously, Dad was popular! Abby picked out a Littlest Petshop plush cat and Ashton used a gift card from her birthday to purchase the largest toy available in the Littlest Petshop universe. We had a bite to eat and came home to play.

Amber and Allen came home shortly after and we grilled some burgers and hot dogs. We then played some soccer, football, and basketball. The girls played with some sidewalk chalk and made a modern sculpture with some rocks they found. After all of this we had some popsicles and took some quick photos.

Much to Amber's chagrin I then instigated a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Goose right as it was time for reading stories. We had a blast.

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