Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Own Library

Allen took a few 3x5 cards and wrote our names on them. He handed them out and then gave us our instructions. We were allowed to enter his room for the purpose to read a book. We had to swipe our name cards (ostensibly our library cards) through the seam in the cabinet in his room in order to be approved to start reading a book. He showed us that books were separated into two sections: his private stock that no one could take which were exclusively Pokemon books and a variety of other books that I knew he really enjoyed. I sat down and began to read a book and then Allen told me that I needed a reading buddy. He handed me a Beanie Baby and told me that I should read to my reading buddy. I set the little black dog plush toy on my shoulder and read the book while Ashton and Abby happily swiped their cards over and over and sorted through the reading buddies. It was very fun.

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