Friday, August 29, 2008

Latest Toughs

Yesterday was eventful with a food-filled visit to Grandpa's. He baked us a cake for Abby's birthday and gave us plenty of other goodies. Later in the evening I finally made it as a soccer coach. Amber watched and gave me her stamp of approval (she gave me a B+). Allen said that I was a really good coach and that he especially liked that I was supportive of the kids and the practice was fun.

Today the kids and I had a pizza dinner and Abby got mad at me for not giving her a binky (still). She can get aggressive. She gave me a pinch that left a mark on my head. Just to type that here even seems both impressive that she was able to pinch the skin on the top of my head and sad that I am still whining about it.

Ashton told me that she is looking forward to soccer and school and she showed me how fast she can run. She did admit that she will not be as fast with her shoes and shin guards on. I hope she has fun at soccer, too.

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