Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Hope to Never See This Again

Today was rather leisurely and I had a good time playing with Abby as well as Ashton after she got home from school. Allen came home and he and Ashton made characters on the Wii for a bit while Abby took a little nap on the couch.

Then the excitement happened. A few phone calls came and then while I was on the phone I felt the floor was a little wet. I have the tendency to pace or walk around when I am on the phone. Because of the excitement I didn't think anything of it until my leg felt a little wet and I noticed the floor had yellow puddles. I looked at my pants and it looked like I was incontinent. For a split second I wondered if something was really wrong with me and if it was my own urine. Then I realized that the wet spot started at my knee. This was a little less freaky but not that good of an alternative. I lifted my pant leg to see one of the incisions leaking quite productively down my leg and all over my foot. The shade of yellow was really disconcerting. I showed no emotion or concern while I was on the phone but then I called the doctor's office.

Yuck. Amber said she doesn't get queasy with this stuff but what she saw turned her stomach. The weirdest part is that now my knee feel really different. Not bad per se but just different. It is almost like where my bones all meet up got a little closer together and my knee feels sloppy.

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