Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kid's Day

Everyone was home today and we spent some quality time together. In the morning we went to Allen's soccer game. It is great fun to see him in action. It gets me more excited than I like to admit. I hold back but I still yell encouragement quite often. I do not want to be the jerk dad that takes the games too seriously (in my heart that is exactly what I am).

When we got home every was doing their own thing for a bit. After some time we congregated to the couch and watched The Incredibles together. It was really nice to cuddle.

Fun quotes of the day:
Allen told Amber that he doesn't want people at school to think he is a "momma's boy"
Ashton told me I will "be a really cool old person"
Whenever we request someone volunteer to say a prayer, Abby always raises her hand and says "meeeee!"

We have a great family.

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