Sunday, September 16, 2007


Again I am recuperating at home. Amber and the kids went to church and I stayed to whip up the lunch.

The kids are very caring and concerned about me. Today we looked at pictures of the inside of my knee and then I showed the kids the incisions for the first time. Allen asked if they hurt and Ashton ran out of the room with her hand over her mouth.

Allen and I played a little soccer (I hit the ball with my crutch) and then Ashton and I played catch. They really like being with me. Abby is still a fun little toddler and just likes to be the center of attention.

I sent Amber off to do her own thing. She has been running nonstop for the last week. She ended up going to get her hair done and it looks very nice. She got some highlights and relaxed at the salon.

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