Wednesday, September 19, 2007

School is Cool

Ashton officially had her first day of school (finally). Ashton made a friend at school who apparently has a kitten named "Hammy." In spite of the transportation department she made it there and back. Amber had to take her but they did bring her back. I also got to speak to the superintendent regarding the inability for the transportation folks to get things right, or to even sound like they cared to make it right.

Of course Allen went to school again today so it was just Abby and I at home for a bit. Abby had a bit of a bathroom event that ended with her in the tub and me having to mop the floor and wipe down every flat surface in the room. I kept my cool but it was pretty gross. At least she really tried to get on the potty. She is one busy kid.

Allen has made another friend and her name is Sabrina. Every time he comes home I try to get a conversation started about school and I always ask who he played with or who he sits next to during the day. It makes me feel good that he is fitting in and making friends.

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