Monday, September 10, 2007

A Visit

Today Amber's mom stopped by. I haven't seen her in a few months. There has been a falling out with Amber and that side of her family. She stopped over under the auspices to make sure Amaber was still comfortable being in her living will due to a scheduled surgery she has. Her mom had quite a bit to say and she shed some tears because she missed our family.

Tonight Ashton heard Amber telling me that I could get a handicapped sticker for the car after my surgery. Ashton replied: "I want a candy cat sticker, too!" It was very funny. She has a great imagination. She is really looking forward to school and riding the bus. Ashton talked about it a few times today.

Allen is getting really good at soccer. He is having more fun and is gaining accuracy. He played for quite a while with me after school today. We also got a new PS2 game that uses a camera to see the player and really put the person in the game. It was fun to see Allen get into that as well. You have to wave your arms and jump around to play the games. It was entertaining.

Abby is a little cuddly and took a long nap pretty early on in the day. Maybe the change in the weather brought with it a cold. She seems fine so maybe it is just a growth spurt coming up. She is growing quite a bit and helped herself to a cup of milk without spilling it today.

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