Monday, November 5, 2007

A Huge Rainbow

Today I was home (as usual) with the girls. Grandma called and sounded like she was feeling very good. Lately, I know that she has not felt good at all. She missed Amber and the kids at church yesterday as most of the family is sick.

Amber came home a little early so I could go to Thornapple Manor for the IT Support Technician opening I would like to get into. I ran some other errands while I was in Hastings. On the way back home it began to rain pretty hard. It looked as though it might have hailed or had freezing rain as well. Once the weather subsided I noticed a really vivid and complete rainbow. It was so incredible that I saw other people pulled over to look at it and another driver almost hit me head on. I can't remember ever seeing a complete rainbow, let alone one so bright and clear in my whole life.

Tonight Amber was telling the kids about how the frogs sounded when she lived in New Mexico as a little girl and imitated the sound. Ashton got really excited and said: "Mommy! You can speak frog?! I can speak owl! See? (insert owl sound here)". :)

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