Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Winter is Coming

This was an incredibly cold morning. I took Allen and Ashton to the end of the driveway in the van because it was so windy, cold, and wet. Even as I was driving home there was sleet and the wind was still gusting to where I got a little uncomfortable.

Everyone in the family is getting to have a strange sleep schedule. I get home late so it is hard to get to bed. I still need to get up in the morning to help the kids to the bus stop so that means I sometimes doze off mid morning on my days off. Abby is getting up really early and then takes a nap that is longer in the day which leads to her not sleeping the whole night (vicious circle). Amber has many days that she will be gone for 12 or more hours and then has to get up earlier than everyone else so she can get ready for work before she gets the kids up and ready.

Life gets crazy but it is worth it.

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