Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Visited My Mom

My Mom is in the hospital. She was admitted two nights ago and has been in a bit of a decline. When I got there she was barely awake and her voice was only a whisper. The kids helped me make a card for her with a photo of the three of them on the outside and some custom art work on the inside. She really loves making cards by hand and definitely loved receiving hand made cards.

My Dad was in a chair right next to the bed looking worn out. Pretty much as soon as I got there he and I needed to leave the room so Mom could get some care from the nurse. He and I sat in a visitor lounge talking about what has happened and what may happen for about a half an hour. He was really thankful that she is not in pain. So far she has refused medication for pain because she hasn't needed it. He also said she has been with us almost four times longer than the original prognosis expectation. We have all been lucky.

I love my Mom and Dad. This is a hard time. My Mom is having a harder time staying awake and talking is a challenge because of it. I could tell that me being there did cheer her up but she was definitely not her usual self.

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