Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Kids Grow

I spent the majority of my time at home with Abby and Ashton. Abby was with me all morning and she was very fun. It is amazing how incremental changes in her ability to communicate change her personality. She is very good at talking and she is understanding us even more. I know she is going to be a fun person as she grows up.

Ashton has been growing up, too. She is becoming an energetic and fun little girl. When she gets off the bus she plays a mini game of hide and go seek with me and she laughs the whole time. Today we ran up the driveway hand in hand because the wind was bitterly cold.

Allen is coming into his own as well. In the morning he tries to make sure everyone is completely ready and on time. He often tells Ashton or me that we need to get our shoes on and hurry up or we will miss the bus. I remember as a kid really liking camouflage stuff and now he is getting into it too. He picked out a new winter coat that was camo and he really loves it.

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