Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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the little girl that calls cupboards "covereds" and the Great Wall of China the "Gray Wall of China": a short story.

There once was a princess with a very shiny crown. The crown sat by the princess’ two beds. She stood by her dresser and the king called her to tell her to put all of her clothes away. The princess had a teddy bear and a kitten and a royal television. Today was also her royal star and a royal birthday cake. Her royal basket sat in the room on the floor. The princess knew that she should do all of her chores. The queen placed her crown upon the royal cat just for laughs.

In this kingdom was an evil witch. She wanted the princess dead. The princess found out about the evil witch and she hid in the castle. The princess’ name was Ablorina.

-Ashton Gibson

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Steph said...

I LOVE the story of Princess Ablorina!! It's one of my favorites!