Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mind Numbing Day

I had an early (but not first-thing-in-the-morning early) shift at work that lasted into the late evening. Before I had a wife and kids that kind of shift was great. I could sleep in a little and I wouldn't have to be at work very late. Now that kind of shift guarantees that I don't see much of anyone. Amber had a very long shift today, too. We are both tired. The kids were pretty much in bed when I got home.

Due to all of this I can't really recall anything really different or great that happened. Allen stayed home from school, Ashton got on the bus by herself, and Abby got up a little later than everyone else. Typical day in our house.

I did happen to spot my Dad and my brother-in-law Brad at my work today but I was tied up and didn't have much of a conversation with either one.

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