Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday was Mom's memorial service. Many people showed up to the church. The service itself was touching. Amber asked me how I felt about the speakers. I liked hearing what other people say about Mom and it doesn't change how I remember her. I would have added that she was so sincere and honest as well as kind.

Today I went to Allen's class to help with a Christmas party. It was fun and I hung out with Kathy Petersen to decorate cookies with the kids. Abby was very shy when we first got there and sat very quietly in a chair at the back of the table. I stood next to her and made sure she was feeling happy.
Allen only spent a few minutes at the table but it was really great to get a hug from him in front of his classmates. I know that will change when he gets a little older.
Ashton also brought home some neat Christmas gifts. She received a gift from her teachers and she was disappointed that it was a truck instead of a girl toy.

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