Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Preparing for Christmas

Abby and I spent the morning together as usual. I decided that I would enforce some tough love in the form of limiting the binky availability. Our opinions collided a few times and we each compromised (read as she would find them after yelling at me). She is tons of fun in general. She kept me running around.

Ashton also was here at the usual time. She had a substitute bus driver and she tried to park in our driveway. Later on Ashton really wanted to draw some pictures. She asked me to draw a large picture of a bird and I complied. A few minutes passed and she triumphantly returned to show me the coloring she did with the bird. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed with my drawing but when I saw her color job I was legitimately impressed. She turned my sorry looking bird into a nice scene with a tree, grass, clouds, and even eggs ready to hatch. When I told her I really liked it she gave me a sincere look of appreciation and I had to hug her. It was a really great moment we shared.

Allen got home and things began to move a little faster. Dinner needed to be made, cleaning needed to be done, and kids needed attention. Shortly after he arrived home, we received a delivery from the florist in Hastings from my work with their condolences. Allen had it in his mind that I must be a great employee if my employer is sending me gifts. I think that inspired him to make a gift for Amber. He went to great lengths to collect the necessary items for the gift and all of the kids helped me wrap it after bath time was over. I won't spoil what it was, Amber could read it and ruin the surprise!

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