Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Day of the Week

I worked today and my back hurt just like I expected. I feel good over all, though. I picked the kids up from daycare and it is always an adventure. Abby was all wet, Allen was ready to leave before I got out of the car, and Ashton wanted to keep playing on the swing set.

We got McDonald's (yeah, I know) and ran home. Amber was working today too and had some job firsts I will let her blog about. The new rental car is a tiny Hyundai. It is under 1k miles so it could be worse.

Abby was really tired so she needed extra attention. She and I had some laughs (which pretty much amounts to me letting her climb on me and I would tickle her) and Allen and Ashton wanted to play this on the DS.

Amber took Allen to the grocery store and they bought lots of stuff. While they were gone they brought me a Todd McFarlane 12" collectable figure of Martin Brodeur.

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