Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blog Time

This is the part of creating a blog I was afraid of. I am being careful not to repeat anything I have written before but I am also feeling like I have to blog about something. I bet many people who create a blog hit this point. Maybe it separates the long term bloggers from the quitters.

Today the kids were going to be watched at home by a family friend. They love to show off the cool new things they have to visitors and this was a great chance to gather all of Allen's latest birthday gifts. He is interested in Pokemon quite a bit and that was the topic of conversation when I left. I apologized to the sitter and she just laughed.

A new band that seems rather cool is the Gogol Bordello. I heard it on an NPR podcast called All Songs Considered. Great show. They often will just air live performances from a club in Washington D.C. called The 9:30 Club. Many big name bands play there.

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