Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Day Today

This morning I took the kids to day care and went to work. The kids are an interesting trio. Allen is the prototypical big brother. He likes doing his own thing and is interested in playing games on his terms. He is still nice to the girls but I can tell that in the future his toleration will be worn thin. Ashton is in search of her place. She isn't the baby and isn't the oldest so she will 'cry' to get attention. Other than that, she has quite a little imagination. She comes up with funny names and likes to make jokes. Abby is very much the baby role. She is demanding and does find ways to get what she wants in spite of the older kids. It is odd to see that she can take charge of things at her age. I love the kids so much. I really like to see what they will do next.

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