Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fun and Games

Today was yet another rainy day and the kids and I were home together. I taught Allen and Ashton to play War (the card game) and they enjoyed it. Abby was torn between terrorizing Charlie and playing with us.

Allen is starting school soon and has to be evaluated in order to be placed in the first grade. Amber brought home some work books to prepare him. We had quite a battle trying to get a few of the pages done. The activities that were completed he understood and wrote down correct answers, but he was just not interested in the slightest to do them. I remember being like that. In third grade I knew what the answers were but when it came to what I considered busy work (the workbooks) I never did it. This endless frustrated my teacher and my parents. Now it is my turn to be frustrated. I really hope Amber and I can figure out the secret in inspiring our kids to complete the work early in the school careers to build the right habits.

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