Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things To Do

Today was pretty hot. The temperature was into the upper 90s. Grandma and Grandpa invited us to spend lunch with them in the air conditioning. The kids and I went and had a good time. Dad let me grill up some burgers and hot dogs. Afterward we ate some of Kasey's birthday ice cream cake.

My Mom looks good and feels like things are going well for her. She said at her last visit to the doctor that they were confident that she will be here to celebrate Christmas. She was very happy about that.

In the car Ashton told us about her imaginary friend "Shajhie". Ashton told us "he is a girl with a mustache" which made me laugh out loud. We have heard of Shajhie before, the imaginary friend is usually the scapegoat when someone does something wrong. Who bit Allen on the hand? Shahjie did. We laugh and then tell Ashton that we sent Shahjie to Zambia. ...And on goes the joke. At this point I think she just brings it up for a laugh. She is pretty funny. Amber thinks that of the three kids Ashton has the most humerus imagination.

After we got home from Grandma and Grandpa's the kiddie pool got some use by all three kids while I cooked some dinner. Fun day all around. I hope my knee gets better soon...

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