Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Would You Spend Lottery Winnings On?

Today was filled with cute smiles being flashed by Ashton while Allen was rambunctious and filled with energy. Abby climbed on things like the furniture or gates to get places she knew she shouldn't be all while laughing with pure joy.

I had a quick conversation with a coworker about the current Michigan Lottery being rather large. He and I talked about what we would spend the money on and we both said we would pay off bills and take care of people closest to us. The interesting part came after the obvious stuff. He said he would buy a really nice car and then travel with his wife and son. My response was that I would eat at Masaharu Morimoto's restaurant and spend money on causes that I really believed in. I would finance public service announcements and also move to a place that my kids would be able to play hockey while attending a private school. I never really thought this kind of lottery pipe dream was all that odd but he looked at me like I was nuts.

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