Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dad Tries to Help

Today I went to Allen's class to help out. Amazingly, there was no problem to speak of. The best guess I have is that Allen finally figured out how to solve his problems last week and it just took the adults longer to finally identify and try and solve the problem. Such is the way of being a kid. I remember lots of times that I would feel like no one was trying to help me and then only after I figured out how to fix things did a grown up try to intervene.

Abby and I had some fun again this morning. Natalie came over to watch her while I was at Allen's school. She is getting much better at telling me how she feels and what is on her mind. The three of us ate some delicious donuts when I got back home.

Ashton told me she has a few friends she really likes at school. One of the kids is named Thalen. She claims she will marry him. Later in the day she and Abby played dress up and had lots of fun. After Allen got home Ashton, Allen, and I played monkey in the middle. It was a good time. Again the quote of the day is attributed to Ashton: Amber told her to stop sticking her fingers in the cats face and Ashton said "but he has boogers!" We all laughed at that one.

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