Monday, October 8, 2007

Yellow Jacket Trouble

Every year we get insects. This year is no different and as the title says we have yellow jackets. They seem to congregate upstairs in our bedroom and some get downstairs. Abby and I had a leisurely morning. Abby wanted to watch Harry Potter so we popped it in for a bit. After Ashton got home we played together and had quite a good time playing a sort of Pictionary on the dry erase board. Allen got home and it was quickly time to get dinner going. Everyone was snacking and when the food hit the table, no one was interested. Amber got home and I quickly went to the store and picked up some necessities. When I got home the kids were all in bed.

My wife is beautiful and very nice. Her looks are only surpassed by her ability to be gorgeous and hard working all of the time. Not many people can pull that off. She does it every day. I am a lucky person and our kids remind me of this by talking about her constantly when she isn't around and making elaborate and cool art projects for me to present to her on their behalf.

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