Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Smooth Sailing (Mostly)

Today I finally solved the confusion with the crazies at my work human resources department. Between and offshored call center and an office where all of work is done in Minnesota, all seems to be okay.

The kids were great today. Abby and I had some fun while I chased her and I took her outside to sit on the porch with me to wait for Ashton and Allen to get home.

Ashton is getting bigger and she is pretty clever. It would seem that she has learned to read some words. She is also making friends at pre-school and is excited to go.

Allen has made some friends and is getting to be quite the reader. I had him spell his weekly spelling words out loud tonight and he had them in rapid succession. Impressive.

Amber's work is under some kind of audit so everyone is tense. She is also not feeling as though some people support her in her job. Fortunately the people are not in any way important so it is just hurting her feelings more than anything.

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