Sunday, October 28, 2007

Warm Welcome Home

I got home from work feeling worn down. I was ready to eat some food and just sit down. The kids each wanted to get my attention when I got in the door! It was really nice to see them so ready to talk to me and show me the cool things they had been doing all day.

Allen had a really neat Crayola brand art case that could hold a variety of things aside from the well stocked crayons, markers, paints, and colored pencils. We drew some pictures together and had fun.

Ashton had a scrap book with a colorful set of stickers and paper. She had already made some creative pages and she wanted to show me and have me make a new one with her. We drew a horse and then a flower and then she wrote "daddy" on the top of the page.

Abby kept telling me "stop, dude" which I asked her to say "what's up, dude" and we all laughed. Between tickles and saying funny things, there was plenty of laughter and it felt really nice to be home.

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